image Statewide Elections 2017
The ICVM Statewide elections for leadership positions are coming to a end and installations of Officers will be conducted over this month. 4th. BDE was running without a Leader but the rank and file of the 4th. have elected their new Commander and he took office on December 31st. 2016. Lake Regiment will be getting a new face and new blood in their Commanders Office and Porter County Regiment will be back on the upstart with a well liked Leader from Lake taking the helm.
image Staewide Training Standards
ICVM will be welcoming a certified instructor from a well known firearms training facility to begin the process of standardizing firearms safety training throughout the State. As training classes resume this spring for learning the basics too the complex of running your pistol or rifle defensively and tactically. Our instructor will be tapping on the more talented in these classes to build a cadre of instructors statewide. This will assist ICVM units small and large throughout the Republic to maintain the same level of firearms training across the State.
image Statewide HAM Certification
ICVM makes push for membership to obtain HAM licenses. As the Militia is one of the premier organizations of citizens in the Republic to stand the last line of defense. ICVM makes large investment in time to educate member's statewide on how to obtain their HAM licenses. This will allow membership to be active in the emergency services that HAMS provide during disasters.